Watch Free Movie The Mechanic (2011)

Jason Statham - Arthur Bishop
Ben Foster - Steve McKenna
Donald Sutherland - Harry McKenna
Tony Goldwyn - Dean Sanderson
Christa Campbell - Kelly
Nick Jones - Airport Traveler
Amber Fleck Gaiennie - Office Worker
Jeff Chase - Burke
Liam Ferguson - Parent

Coming soon on January 28, 2011, Watch Free Movie The Mechanic (2010), CBS Films Films studio presents "The Mechanic 2010" an elite assassin (Arthur Bishop) with a strict code and unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets. It's a job that requires professional perfection and total detachment, and Bishop is the best in the business. Bishop has always acted alone but he can't turn his back on Harry's son. A methodical hit man takes an impulsive student deep into his world and a deadly partnership is born. But while in pursuit of their ultimate mark, deceptions threaten to surface and those hired to fix problems become problems themselves.

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