Watch Kites (2010) Free Full Online Movie

Release Date: May 21, 2010 (NY; The Remix release: May 28)
Studio: Reliance BIG Pictures
Director: Anurag Basu
Screenwriter: Robin Bhatt, Akarsh Khurana, Anurag Basu
Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kabir Bedi, Kangana Ranaut, Nick Brown
Genre: Adventure, Romance
MPAA Rating: Not Available
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Somewhere in the blistering heat of the Mexican desert, a man has been left for dead. This is "J," (Hrithik Roshan), a once-carefree Vegas huckster, now a wanted man, fighting for his life. As he makes his way back home, "J" relives the past, and we learn that the one thing keeping him alive is his burning desire to reunite with Linda (Barbara Mori), the love of his life. When "J" first meets her he is working odd jobs, the oddest of which is to marry "illegals" for money. Linda, fresh from Mexico, has barely enough cash to pay for the phony marriage but, like "J," she has dreams of striking it rich in America. They wed and, that very night, she departs, green card in hand. Though he barely knows her, and they don't even speak each other's language, "J" will never forget her. The next time he sees Linda, she is engaged to Tony (Nick Brown), the son of a fabulously wealthy casino owner. As fate would have it, "J" is dating Tony's sister. Both of them are prepared to marry for money so they can finally make their dreams come true. There are just two problems: they are still legally married and they have fallen madly in love. Choosing one another over wealth, they flee, with a vengeful Tony in hot pursuit...

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